- Participation of researchers and academicians from 6 different countries
- Having a multinational scientific board
- Congress book publication with ISBN
- Submitted abstracts and full texts are meticulously reviewed by referees
It is an INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS in its aspects;

As it is known, in our country, Associate Professorship and ACADEMIC INCENTIVES criteria are evaluated by two different institutions (ÜAK and YÖK) within the framework of different regulations.


Associate Professorship: Our congress is international according to the UAK legislation. It meets all of the criteria taken as basis for appointments to teaching staff / lecturer appointments, associate professorship and professorship positions.

Incentive: As the Congress Organizing Committee, we can not yet foresee how many papers will come from which countries to our congress. The situation will become clear as of the deadline. If our congress fails to meet the requirement of more than 50% foreign participants (this rate has not been achieved in any congress organized by universities and public institutions so far) , it will not be valid for incentive applications in 2021 if your full texts are published in the congress book (What kind of incentive regulation will be published in 2021 no change will be made) . On the other hand, since our congress has international accreditation, you can use your abstract or full texts published in the congress book with ISBN in all academic categories including associate professorship .
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